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2014-2021 Norwegian Financial Mechanism ‘Business Development, Innovation and SMEs’ Call for Proposals under Green Industry Innovation Focus Area
2020-07-28 12:00
2020-11-06 23:59

Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) invites to submit applications under the 2014-2021 Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme ‘Business Development, Innovation and SMEs‘ Call for projects within Green Industry Innovation, including bioeconomy, focus area.


The funding under the Call is awarded in form of a non-repayable grant

The total available funding amount under the Call

•      € 8 017 647

•      € 1 000 000 under the Small Grant Scheme (The value of projects from 10 000 to 200 000 Eur)

Grant assistance

Maximum amount of grant assistance is 2 000 000 EUR

Minimum amount of grant assistance is 200 000 EUR

Projects under the Small Grant Scheme

Maximum amount of grant assistance is 200 000 EUR;

Minimum amount of grant assistance is 10 000 EUR.


Private legal persons established in one of the EU Member states or EEA EFTA states*:

  • SMEs
  • Large enerprises with no more than 25% public ownership

NOTE: Under the Small Grant Scheme / if a project is aiming at application of green products/ technologies only SMEs are eligible applicants.

*Upon submission of an application, an enterprise registered in any of the EU or EEA EFTA States is an eligible applicant. However, to receive funding under the Call, a project promoter shall be established as a legal person in Lithuania no later than the date on which project contract is signed.


Any public or private legal entity, commercial or non-commercial, and, non-governmental organisations, established as a legal person in Lithuania or Norway.

Partnership is not compulsory, which means that projects can be implemented without any partners. Nevertheless, bilateral projects are highly encouraged, and projects implemented together with a partner(s) from Norway will score additional points during assessment of an application. 

Eligible activities:

Activities eligible for both SMEs and large enterprises:

  • Development and commercialisation of new green products/ technologies.

Projects may focus only on development of new products/ technologies, without commercialisation. However, projects cannot focus solely on commercialisation. Commercialisation shall go together with development of new products/ technologies. Funding under the Call will be provided for projects aiming at development of, for example, new bio-based products, biotechnologies, new products from recycled materials, environmentally friendly technologies or new ICT products or technologies enabling modernisation of production processes by reducing their negative impact on the environment (for example, with the help of digitalization, automation, robotization).

Activities eligible only for SMEs:

  • Application of new products/ technologies.

Funding will be provided for application of new products and technologies which would help, for example, to modernize production lines, to reduce CO2 emissions/ energy consumption, encourage zero-waste manufacturing or re-use of waste.

Project selection

Projects are selected through an open Call for proposals (one stage selection process).

Mandatory documents

  • An application form is provided below.
  • A list of compulsory documents which have to be submitted together with an application can be found here.

NOTE: Application below is designed for applicants who upon submission of an application are registered as a legal person in one of the EU Member states or EEA EFTA states, except for applicants registered in Lithuania.

Norway Grants group

[email protected]
Phone: +370 604 77086, +370 604 78935

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