Electronic Science Gate

The electronic science gate for Lithuania is a key to the world and for the world – the key to Lithuania.

Using a ‘single point of contact’ principle, MTEPIS (R&D information system) provides advanced electronic services to help Lithuanian and foreign business undertakings, science and study institutions, researchers and other stakeholders to ensure closer cooperation while seeking common objectives.


E-science gate helps to reduce administrative burden: it is simpler and faster to submit applications and all information is available in one place.

E-science gate helps Lithuanian and foreign business to find and order:

  • scientific research;

  • specific inventions;

  • technologies;

  • feasibility studies;

  • new methodologies;

  • prototypes or products.


E-science gate Goals

  • To create opportunities for Lithuanian and foreign business undertakings, science and study institutions, researchers and other interested parties to easily and conveniently obtain information about the research and development (R&D) services provided in Lithuania and to implement scientific research projects through the use of e-services;

  • To create preconditions for cooperation, development of joint knowledge products and technology transfer for businesses and science institutions, through the use of the e-science gate;

  • To move services provided by MITA to the electronic space, thus facilitating information search and submission of applications, as well as reducing the risk of double financing and application ;

  • To increase the use of newly created open access R&D infrastructure and facilitate the management of open access R&D network and market R&D services through the use of advanced e-science services.


Areas of Electronic Services

Funding – administration of financing for new scientific researches, creation of innovations and / or scientific products;

Products – Commercialisation of scientific products, which will involve providing assistance during the introduction of knowledge-intensive products to the market;

R&D services – Administration of research and development services and works;

Announcements – Provision of assistance in information and partner search for companies and science institutions.


About Lithuania

Why is it worth investing in Lithuania?

  • Lithuania is the most favourable country for investments in the Baltic regions and is the second according to the estimated ROI (return on investment) in Europe;

  • On the global scale, Lithuania is ranked 11th according to the ease of establishing a business: it takes only 1 day to establish a company;

  • Lithuania is 17th in the world according to the ease of business development;

  • Lithuania is the leading country in the European Union according to the number of persons with higher education and qualified labour force;

  • Lithuania has the lead in the field of information and communication technologies : it is 1st in the EU according to Internet upload speeds and 3rd according to the speed of downloading data;

  • Lithuania is quickly overtaking other countries in terms of the competitiveness index: in 2015, Lithuania raised 6 positions in the rankings and is now 28th in the list of 61 states.

Lithuania Has the Largest Open R&D Lithuania Network of Innovation Infrastructure, Services and Competence in the Baltic States.

  • Lithuania has a modern R&D infrastructure operating on the principle of open-access with modern equipment and highest-level staff;

  • Innovation centres in Lithuania are located in the major Lithuanian cities, namely, Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.

  • Lithuania’s scientific potential is concentrated in five science, study and business valleys, namely, Saulėtekis, Santara, Santaka, Nemunas and Jūrinis.

Integrated Science, Study and Business Valleys

  • Integrated science, study and business valleys provide conditions for carrying out scientific research at the highest level.

  • The valleys promote the development of different economic fields, new innovative products and their commercialisation.

  • The valleys accommodate R&D, innovation, study and education-intensive business infrastructure and provide conditions for its effective use.

Open access R&D centers Laboratories of the most advanced technological and scientific potential with modern equipment and high level specialists are open for science and business cooperation. They provide services to Lithuanian and foreign business and help them to:

  • develop a new product based on the latest scientific research;

  • carry out required experiments, analyses or different measurements;

  • produce a prototype of an invention;

  • improve the available technology, as well as,

  • consult on issues of scientific research, technology and innovation implementation.

Scientists and competent technology transfer specialists working in the open access laboratories will help you realise your business ideas and become the leading innovative company in the market.



Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) is the main institution of the state with responsibility for implementing innovation policy in the country.

MITA provides free services to representatives of the business, science, industry and public sectors, who are interested in possibilities to build international partnerships and national support for projects of scientific research, technologies and innovations.

MITA is introducing a new system and activity tool for scientists, educational institutions and business. This tool is an Electronic Science Gate which allows scientific research to be carried out and ordered much more effectively and introduced to foreign markets.


A unified e-science gate system facilitates communication between scientists and clients and will allow for the transparent of scientific research, use of equipment, and flows of investments in R&D.


We believe that this new system will pave the way for opportunities to develop much better dialogue among business, science and authorities, and will become a firm step further into the future.



Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology
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E-mail: info@mita.lt, www.mita.lt