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Quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and molecular mechanics calculations (consultations, calculations, research with the legal programmes on a supercomputer)
Vilniaus universitetas


Quantum chemistry and molecular mechanics calculations, using Gamess, NwChem, Dalton, Gausian09, Amber12, Crystal, VASP software. Consultations on using the applied programmes on a supercomputer.


Calculations and research using the before-mentioned software.


The price is Euros per hour. The total sum depends on the scope of the service.


First name: Juozas

Last name: Šulskus

Email: juozas.sulskus@ff.vu.lt

Phone number: +370 5 236 6049

First name: Mindaugas

Last name: Mačernis

Email: mindaugas.macernis@ff.vu.lt

Phone number: +370 5 236 6049

First name: Stepas

Last name: Toliautas

Email: stepas.toliautas@ff.vu.lt

Phone number: +370 5 223 4659

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