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Femtosecond laser microfabrication
Vilniaus universitetas


The service is performed with the femtosecond laser microfabrication set. It consists of femtosecond laser Pharos and the large motion five coordinate precision positioning module Aerotech with unique set of measurement and diagnostic are used.

Properties of the laser:

Central wavelength is 1030 nm. The integrated harmonic module provides:

  • 515 nm (maximum second harmonic conversion efficiency is 59 %);
  • 343 nm (maximum third harmonic conversion efficiency is 29 %);
  • 257 nm (maximum fourth harmonic conversion efficiency is 5 %).

Maximum avarage power is P = 20 W.

Pulse energy Eimp>400 μJ at 1-5 kHz frequency range. The duration of pulse is τ < 300 fs.

Beam quality:  M2 < 1.3.

Beam ellipticity >0.99.

(0.99 at P = 1 W and 610kHz).


Aerotech positioning module. The system is assembled on a granitic plate with control electronics and the proper software.

Technical positioning parameters:

  1. X axis (ABL1500WB): maximum motion is 300 mm, speed 2 m/s.
  2. Y axis Y (ABL1500):  maximum motion is 300 mm, speed 2 m/s.
  3. Z axis (ABL15020): maximum motion 200 mm, speed 2 m/s, accuracy ± 0.5 μm.

Technical parameters of rotating axes (ANT130-R):

  1. Diameter of rotating part is125 mm, accuracy ± 3 arc sec, resolution 0.9.
  2. Diameter of rotating part is 120 mm, accuracy ±5 arc sec, resolution 0.01 μrad.

Total motion of rotating axes: ± 360°. The system also has a two-axis beam control system for 1030 nm wavelength radiation with 10 m /s positioning speed and 1.5 m/s marking speed. There is also integrated focal tracking system and the computer with installed software for the management of 2-axes beam control and 5-axes sample positioning systems.


Transparent media drilling, metal mask formation, etc.

Additional remarks on tariffs:

a) tariffs of OAC staff not included (contribution of OAC staff  to the total cost depends on the complexity of  measurements);

b) the price correspond to the price of the one-hour measurement;

c) the discount of 50 % applies to users performing joint projects with the University of Vilnius Department of Quantum Electronics. Salary and costs of devices consumables have to be included in projects.


Email: laser.apc@ff.vu.lt

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Last name: Sirutkaitis

Email: valdas.sirutkaitis@ff.vu.lt

Phone number: +370 5 236 6005

First name: Domas

Last name: Paipulas

Email: domas.paipulas@ff.vu.lt

Phone number: +370 5 264 9622

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